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Places you should visit

These are links that I enjoy and that are related to the site.


This is well-run site that gives you all sorts of information on buildings, trends in architecture and architect bios.

Phenomenal site with all the information you'll ever need about the artists discussed on this site.

All knowing site with all the information you will ever need. Easy to use and look up topics. Plus, it's free.

Can't spell worth a damn? Fast and easy so you can do your own spell check.

Need to translate this page to another language? Fast and free online translator.

Original and extremely funny site. Honestly, the horoscope section alone is enough to warrant a visit.

From the founders of thespark.com, this site doubles as an online dating meeting place. I highly recommend visiting the thousands of online tests to discover fascinating hidden personality secrets :)

Personal Links

Where the sickness began.

I couldn't find a cure so it continued.

She's smart and she hates her upstair neighbour. Often includes scrumptious recipes in her blog.

Friendly and all-knowing computer geek (term of endearment). The site has some computer speak which sometimes causes my eyes to glaze over but peppered throughout are posts about music and stuff.

Have Fun!