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Greetings and all that jazz

I have always been in the business of finding my bliss so I decided to dedicate this webpage to things that interest and make me happy. Art history, the history of civilization, architecture and general knowlege are where it's at so I hope you have a curious streak and like to learn something new everytime you visit. Welcome and enjoy!


26-04-06: Not Much to say about the site right now as I am getting used to everything and trying the figure out what I am going to showcase.

27-04-06: Photos have been added in both Guy Candy sections.

27-04-06: Guy Candy has been dropped from this site in order to have a more specialized theme.

28-04-06: Links have been included which can connect you to my blogs.

Angry Gnome In-Depth

29 years old and beneath my cute exterior beats the heart of an angry vengeful gnome.

Not evil per se because that would make me a goblin.

Navigating the site

Behind the Gnome: The page gives you some background information on the girl behind the lips.

Gnomish Art Museum: Where you'll find the artworks.

Artists: Background information on the masters who painted the artworks in the Gnomish Art Museum.

Cyber Traveller: Get your passport out because in the Cyber Traveller area we visit some of the most breathteaking architecture in the world. No need to pack! Here you'll find out about the history of the building and some interesting tidbits about the architects behind the structural works of art.

This Day in History: Interesting tidbits about what happened and where. On this page you'll also find a fun area where you can see which famous people share your birthday. Email me with your birthdate in the subject line and I'll spotlight the day just for you! Aww, you're special afterall.

Links: Links of interest.

Contact me: Contact information.


Quote of the Day

Success didn't spoil me, I've always been unsufferable

Fran Lebowitz